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Weston MO Wedding Guide

Originally published in 2012 as a booklet, we thought it was about time to update our Weston MO Wedding Guide, especially since Cactus Creek now has it's own EVENT VENUE - The Cellar at Cactus Creek.  We hope this guide will help you plan your perfect wedding and Cactus Creek would love for our space to be a part of that event if it's the right fit.  Click HERE for more INFO!!

 Driving through the rolling hills that lead you to Weston, Missouri in Platte County is a drive into history. A time when yes meant forever, and a kiss bonded lovers for life. From the gentle pace of life to the green hills of the river valley, the region is steeped in timeless beauty and picturesque moments, making it the perfect setting for an unforgettable wedding. 

In the late 1800’s Weston was one of the most prominent towns on the Missouri river, one of the last stops when young families were headed out west to start a new life on the frontier. Today, Weston is a thriving community, just 15 minutes northwest of the Kansas City International Airport. Country settings, rustic barns and small town charm are peppered with innovative chefs, award winning wineries and cultivated backdrops. Easily accessible for family and friends, time slows down in Weston and the whole Platte County area, providing a rich opportunity for a distinctive event.

Eventful at Locust Grove
{LOCATION: Eventful at Locust Grove, PHOTOGRAPHER: Crystl's Photography}


Eventful at Locust Grove
Weston Red Barn Farm
Laurel Brooke Farm


Weston MO Weddings
{PHOTOGRAPHER: Angela Davis Photography}


The Cellar at Cactus Creek
Pirtle Winery
Upstairs Tea Room


The Cellar at Cactus Creek


Avalon Cafe
Coal House Saloon
The Vineyards
Weston Coffee Roastery


Hatchery House Weston MO


The Saint George Hotel
Benner House
Hatchery House
Inn at Weston Landing
The Murphy House
Weston Bed + Breakfast


The Rumpled Nest Weston MO
{LOCATION: The Rumpled Nest}


Missouri Bluffs
R. Alan Macy Antique Jewelry
The Celtic Ranch
The Rumpled Nest

Weston MO Weddings{PHOTOGRAPHER: Sarah Bailey Dandelions and Dumptrucks Photography}


Angela Davis PHotography
Sarah Bailey Dandelions and Dumptrucks Photography
Kristen Cline Photography


Jones on Main


Touchwork of Weston Massage
Jones on Main



Weston Bend Candle Company



Main Street Weston MO{PHOTOGRAPHER: Angela Davis PHotography}


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