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How to Clean a Cowhide Rug

We posted the video below in 2015. Since then thousands of people have watched it and called or emailed us with more questions about their cowhide rugs.  We have sold cowhide rugs for 22 years and still believe that they are the most durable rugs you will ever own.  Here is a quick run down on how to maintain your cowhide, plus a couple of more current videos down below: 

Cowhides are super easy to care for - just vacuum them up or shake them out like a regular rug.

If anything spills on them - milk, wine, or orange juice - it will puddle up and you can just wipe it away.

If it's something sticky you can clean it with Dawn liquid soap - I've even used Windex and 409 on my hides.   If it's an animal accident you can use Resolve Carpet Cleaner.

Always clean hides going with the hair - a fine tooth comb can help if something gets stuck into your cowhide {like candle wax, that happened once}

Red sharpie??  Clean it with hand sanitizer.

Can you spray down or wash your cowhide??  For years our answer to that was NO.  If a cowhide is completely soaked it will dry stiff and become unsightly.  BUT now we have a different answer.  My son's cowhide had several yellow spots from times the dog had an accident and it dried without being cleaned.  One day - without permission - he put the hide in our washing machine and air dried it.  I was kind of glad he did because I never would have let him, but it totally worked.  The hide IS NOT as good as new.  But much better than it was with animal stains.

For more videos about how to clean a cowhide rug keep scrolling.

If you have any other cowhide questions please reach out to us by texting 816-878-2278. 




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