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Our Story


My name is Fancy and I started Cactus Creek 22 years ago in the barn behind our old home. Fast forward through four locations, three kids and more changes than I could have ever dreamed possible - and here we are on Main Street in Weston Missouri, small-town America and home to the best restaurants, pubs, wineries and shops you’ll find in the Midwest.

On the main level, Cactus Creek carries clothes, jewelry, accessories, home goods, sari blankets and cowhide rugs - all with a little vintage twist. My favorite thing is to check out every sale and flea market I can find on a back road - and bring those treasures back here to Cactus Creek on Main Street.



In 2003 Monita joined the shop crew. She’s the one who tells it like it is and always keeps it realllly real. She's usually in the shop on the weekends - and often your favorite bartender if you book The Cellar at Cactus Creek.

In 2017 we opened The Cellar In addition to our curated retail collection on the main level of our 1910 building; it's just a short flight downstairs. The Cellar offers craft beer, wine & cocktails-in-a-can, all housed in glass front coolers. It’s a serve yourself situation most of the time - we will settle up before you leave.


Along came Cary in 2011-ish. She truly is the glue stick around here. She keeps track of the website, the inventory, and she tries to keep track of Monita and me (not always an easy task).

Cary is often the first voice you hear when you enter the shop - you'll hear her call out 'Welcome!' and you'll know you've arrived at Cactus Creek. Whatever questions you have about Weston - or any neighboring community - this girl can give you directions, tell you where to eat, and every fun thing in the vicinity. When she's not here she and her family are always roaming around the area finding fun new things to experience.


Julie joined us in the fall of 2021. She thought it was just a seasonal position but we all knew on her first day that she was exactly who we were looking for to complete our little girl gang as we grow into the next season.

Julie takes alsmost every photo you see on our Facebook or Instagram page - plus many of the photos on the website. Her sweet nature and love for the outdoors make her a natural here at Cactus Creek.

I could go on and on but I’ll leave it here. We are a small business and we are pretty passionate about having fun, going on adventures and bringing it all back to our little corner of Main Street in Weston.

Open 7 days a week, 24/7 online, and all things ship for $3 all of the time. Holler anytime if you need us!! Best way to reach us is via text at 816-878-2278.

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