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Shop HERE for Father's Day!

Welcome to The Apartment at Cactus Creek

Built in 1910 by the Doppler Family, this building has been home to many different businesses and entrepreneurial dreams.  The apartment is currently being remodeled by Cactus Creek's founder, Fancy T. Taylor.

You'll find that much of it is finished but there will be many more final touches 2024. We invite you to keep up with our progress via the blog - and join us in Spring 2024 when the project is complete and we host an Apartment Open House.

For more stories about the building and the remodel click on the photos below. 

Built in 1910 - Weston MO - Cactus Creek

1910 Bathroom Remodel

1910 Apartment Remodel
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Helen Benziger - December 1, 2023

Thank you for your continued passion for Weston and your contributions that help her thrive.

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