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Remodel Day 2: Built in 1910

We are still waiting on the engineer to do something so the final permit and can be obtained to get started on the remodel. In the meantime my friend Holly asked me today about when we are getting started. I told her that every day we don’t get going I actually feel a little reprieve. 

Why? Well I have no idea what we are getting ourself into here - how long we will go without a kitchen - what it will be like to live in a construction zone. But the real thing that stresses me out is taking down walls in a building from 1910. I understand intuitively that it’s a stronger building than most built today. And I’ve hired experts. But still …. what if the whole thing crumbles to the ground?

I love it that we have these pictures of our little building on the corner - shop on bottom & apartment on top. I can see in these images that the building has stood the time and has the bones to last another century or two. The first picture is pre-cars so likely not long after the building was built. And then another from the 60’s when our shop was Weston’s Western Auto. Then today in December of 2022.

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