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Visit Weston MO!

Cactus Creek’s shop is located on Main Street in Weston, Missouri, a charming little town nestled into the river bottoms of the Missouri River.

Just 15 minutes northwest of the Kansas City Airport, Weston is located over the hills, and back in time to the good ol’ days where merchants sweep their front stoops, restaurants get daily deliveries of fresh ingredients, and wineries stomp their own grapes.

Here in Weston we have a Main Street full of interesting retail shops:

Weston MO Shops

Weston Missouri

Weston's delicious restaurants include a tea room, pizza place, BBQ and fine dining. Don’t miss the wineries, a pub 5 stories underground, the oldest distillery west of the Mississippi, plus a few more watering holes:

 Weston Dining and Cocktails

Weston MO

If you want to stay the night then plan ahead - things book up quickly here and there are no chain hotels:

Weston MO LodgingIf you can’t find a local room then check out the hotels in the two closest little towns: Platte City and Leavenworth.

Weston Missouri 

While you’re in Weston don't miss out on these places as well:



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