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Weston Bend State Park : Best hiking trail!

Cactus Creek is located in the downtown area of Weston, Missouri on a charming Main Street lined with shops, restaurants, bob's and fun little bars tucked into surprising corners. On the way to Weston you will likely pass Weston Bend State Park which is 1133 acres of woods you'll love to get lost in!  "Weston Bend offers secluded picnic sites, a campground and sweeping views of the Missouri River from trails and a scenic overlook accessible to people with disabilities. A 3-mile paved bicyle trail takes hikers and bikers through the park's woody terrain."

This fall we've been out there as the leaves slowly turn to new shades of gorgeous green, deep gold & spicy orange.  If you come by the shop we can give you quick directions on how to get from downtown Weston to the park on foot - it's about a mile and half on a paved trail.

But if you want to go directly to my favorite unpaved trail I'm posting the directions here:

      • Immediately on the left you'll find a turn into a parking lot that has access to 3 paved miles that the locals refer to as "The Loop"

    • When you set out on The Loop take a LEFT.

    • About a mile onto the route you'll see white bench and a sign pointing to the West Ridge Trail, plus a BLUE square trail marker on the trees to your left on an unpaved trail. Head that way!! It's not an easy trail - pretty hilly and fairly technical, but the views of the river once you get to the top are second to none in this park.

    • Keep following the trail and eventually you'll have the option to go check out the overlook for more sweeping views.  We definitely recommend this view.  This is also a great place for a picnic if you have one packed.

    • After the overlook head down the sidewalk to the parking lot and on your right you'll find access back onto a different trail with a yellow marker - this will take you down into the woods and deposit you back onto the original paved Loop.  

  • For a quick way back to where you parked go to the left and it'll be a mile back - for a longer hike go to the right and it's two miles back to your car.

Weston Bend State Park

Weston Bend State Park

Weston Bend State Park

WEston Bend State Park


Weston Bend State Park


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