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Shop HERE for Father's Day!

Virtual Happy Hours, Beer + Cocktail Tastings this week. 03.30.20

With the doors locked tight we are busy doing curbside deliveries and last week we had our first virtual happy hour + wine tasting.  This week we will do this TWICE. 


Join us on Facebook LIVE at Five O'clock to share notes on what you think of these beers, wines + cocktails.  IF you are local and want to purchase them prior to the happy hours you can shoot us a text at 816-878-2278 and we will hook you up with a sweet deal on some unique drinks.


Lemon, Lime + Cucumber Virtual Beer Tasting Cactus Creek

Notes from Brewers:


Lemon Shandy from Shock Top, based in St. Louis {owned by Anheuser Busch.}: 
"Sun’s out, lemons out. Always smooth, always refreshing — this crisp lemon recipe was designed for summer. Just like the season, you won’t want it to end."


Cucumber Crush from 10 Barrel Brewing Co. in Bend, Oregon:
"Brewed to appeal to any palate or virgins of the sour craze, this award winning beer is light, crisp, and refreshing. Made for you to crush anywhere, anytime - the time is now."


Tequila Barrel Lime Gose from Boulevard Brewery in KC:
"A traditional German-style sour beer, infused with sea salt, coriander and lime peel, goes on holiday to the home of the blue agave, sunny Mexico. The aroma offers assertive notes of oak, vanilla, caramelized banana, and coconut. A malty sweetness is balanced by tart lime and hints of lively tequila, tapering to a slightly salty finish. ¡Arriba!"


KC Co. + House Wine Virtual Tasting Cactus Creek Weston MO



KC Co.Weston Blush & American Riesling are made right here in Weston MO.  The grapes however are not your traditional super sweet Missouri grapes.  The Riesling is California grapes, and the grapes for the Blush come from the Finger Lakes region of New York.  During our FB LIVE Kassie, who works with these wine makers, will be online to answer any questions you have about the wines.


House Wine Rose' Bubbles, Walla Walla Washington:
"Crisp and elegant aromas of fresh berries lead to lively citrus flavors on the palate. Bright, fruity, and flavorful."


Looking forward to "seeing" you soon.  xooxfancy


The Cellar at Cactus CReek Event Space WEston MO

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