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SATURDAY Chiefs Watch Party + Drink Tasting 01.21.23

We are watching the Chiefs in The Cellar at Cactus Creek THIS SATURDAY @3:30 (01.21.23) PLUS we will be having another fun drink tasting with a great mix of flavors.

BYOF (Bring Your Own Food) - carry out or order a pizza from 640 Pizza (they will deliver).

Scroll down to get a full run down about the drinks that are in the Drink Tasting. The cost for all six of these drinks will be $20 - whatever you don't drink you can take home. Our regular line up of drinks will also be available as per usual.  


DRINK TASTING in The Cellar at Cactus Creek, Weston, MO

Kansas Territory Brewing Company


FLING Blood Orange Vodka Soda / Boulevard Brewing Co. / Kansas City
ABV: 7.5%
"Fling yourself to the Italian coast, where hats are big, swimsuits are small, and life is a celebration. The combination of 360 Vodka, soda water and a hint of blood orange is beautifully guilt-free – just 100 calories and 2g of carbohydrates." - Boulevard Brewery

LIFE COACH Lager / Kansas Territory Brewing Co. / Washington, KS
ABV: 4.2% / IBUs: 9 / Color: golden
"A light bodied American Lager w/ smooth malt flavors.  A Confidently Crafted Lager you can drink all day.  Listen to your Life Coach and "Suck it Up." - Kansas Territory Brewing Co.

ROGUE Raspberry Tartlandia / Rogue Ales + Spirits / Newport, OR
ABV: 4.9% / IBUs: 9
"Inspired by the culinary wonderland that is Portland, Oregon, we created Raspberry Tartlandia: an outrageously delicious combination of raspberry juiciness, sea salt and refreshing tartness. It’s a flavor-packed experience, just like visiting Portland, that’ll make you want to move there or thank your lucky stars that you already have.” - Rogue Ales + Spirits


HAZY BEER HUG / Goose Island / Chicago, IL
ABV: 6.8% / IBUs: 20 / Color: Light Orange
"An amazingly approachable true Hazy IPA, Hazy Beer Hug is filled with notes of peaches, white grapes, and guava. Hazy Beer Hug makes sure your day is filled with Bright, Sunshiny Haze."- Goose Island


ANCHOR STEAM Beer / Anchor Brewing / San Francisco, CA
ABV: 4.9% / IBUs: 33 / Color: Deep Amber
"Anchor Steam® Beer derives its unusual name from the 19th century when “steam” was a nickname for beer brewed on the West Coast of America under primitive conditions and without ice. While the origin of the name remains shrouded in mystery, it likely relates to the original practice of fermenting the beer on San Francisco’s rooftops in a cool climate. In lieu of ice, the foggy night air naturally cooled the fermenting beer, creating steam off the warm open pans. Once a nickname for any Californian or West Coast beer brewed under these conditions, today the name “steam” is a trademark of Anchor Brewing and applies only to the singular process and taste of our flagship brand - San Francisco’s original Anchor Steam® Beer. The classic of American brewing tradition since 1896." - Anchor Brewing


QUIRK Peach Apricot Whip Hard Seltzer / Boulevard Brewing Co. / Kansas City
ABV: 4.0%

BRAND NEW TO THE MARKET!  “Indulgent flavor meets clean, crisp taste in these gluten-free seltzers, all 90 calories per can. Peach Apricot Whip is the perfect harmony of sweet and succulent stone fruits, and a delicate hint of vanilla whip.” - Boulevard Brewing Co.



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