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OPEN Daily in Weston, Missouri 11-4 + Saturdays 10-6
OPEN Daily in Weston, Missouri 11-4 + Saturdays 10-6

1910 Apartment Remodel: Living Space Before Video

Now that our bathroom remodel is complete we have an even bigger project to tackle. Next we are ripping down walls and combining our kitchen, dining room & living space in this 1910 Apartment. Fingers crossed that they can get started in the next 2-3 weeks. The original plan was around Sept 1 - now hoping for Nov 1.  So this project will likely go as planned and take twice as long & cost twice as much.  But when we are done it's going to be an amazing loft-like living space.  Please join us on the process, first step is this before video taken in October of 2022.


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Henry Maxwell Jr - August 5, 2023

I love your bathroom remodel and thanks for posting all the materials etc.!!! My bathroom is very similar in size to yours and now I am inspired to do something like this. Thanks Henry

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