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Hygiene Drive + Tamale Party June 2021

Tamale Parties are BACK!!!  Join us Thursday June 24 for our first Tamale Party of 2021.  In case you are new around here: Cactus Creek's famous Tamale Parties are normally held on the last Thursday of every month in The Cellar at Cactus Creek.  We offer both pork and chicken tamales made by hand at Los Alamos Market y Cocina in Kansas City.  We will also have chips + the best green salsa EVER available for sale.  And of course cold drinks.


All payments for tamales are a free will donation - we have had people pay $1 for a tamale, and we have had people pay $100 for a tamale - we recommend at least $2.50 per tamale. The money goes to a different philanthropic effort each month.  This month it will go towards purchasing hygiene supplies for the Treasure Chest.


Treasure Chest, an organization near and dear to the heart of Cactus Creek, is a project that was created by the Platte County School District that supports students and their families who are facing homelessness and financial insecurity. This month we will be focused on the donation of hygiene products to Treasure Chest.  Families who lack access to essential hygiene items face substantial negative impacts on their stress levels, self-esteem, school performance, and social lives.


At this point I want to make a request on behalf of every organization that collects hygiene products for families facing poverty. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE - DO NOT donate travel size hygiene products - or motel take aways!! The goal is to lift someone up and provide usable resources so that they have a better chance of moving forward.  By donating regular sized products we are showing respect and an empathetic response to their needs.  At Treasure Chest they are only able to offer families toiletries once a month.  Travel sizes are basically one time use products, and nothing tells you you’re poor more than a single serving.


If you would like to find an additional way to contribute to Treasure Chest we would love for you to become one of Fancy's Favorites - a VIP Club that costs $10 a month.  In return for your $10 you will get an exclusive pair of leggings which can be donated to Treasure Chest.  You'll also get 20% OFF all of your Cactus Creek purchases - plus discounts in The Cellar at Cactus Creek!!  For more information about Fancy's Favorites CLICK HERE.


Can't wait to see you all on Thursday June 24, 2021!!  If you want regular updates about the event as it draws near follow us on Facebook RIGHT HERE.

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