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Cactus Creek at Urban Mining in Kansas City - Feb 2020 First Friday’s

Looking forward to our second month at Urban Mining this weekend.  Here are the things you need to know - followed by more photos and information about how I sourced vintage goods for this weekend - this venue is completely new for me and a little out of my wheelhouse, but in the very best of ways!!! xf

Urban Mining at 31st + Gillham in Kansas City near Martini Corner.
Kansas City, MO


Urban Mining in Kansas City First Friday Weekends


Urban Mining in Kansas City First Friday Weekends


Last month was our first time to be a part of Urban Mining and it was a fantastic challenge to my buying.  All things farmhouse + shabby chic + rustic seem to be uniteresting to the customers and vendors at Urban Mining.  The style here is different - more urban and mid-century - maybe a little bit boho but even that seems a little tongue in cheek.


January 2020's first month turned out great for what it was - limited inventory and a minimal plan.  I typically don't over plan when going into a new space like this - or go to a new event - I just kind of do what we do here at Cactus Creek - and adjust accordingly for the next go around.  Last month we did not have any cowhides at Urban Mining so I'm excited to have those - and our Sari Blankets - available to the shoppers this weekend.  


The biggest challenge in sourcing the vintage inventory was not buying what I would typically buy just because it would have sold at another place - during a different trend.  I have passed up some lovely things this month that I normally would have snatched.  But I'm finding that shabby chic frames and primitive farm pieces are hard to sell both in the shop - and I believe at Urban Mining.  It is so hard to pass on these things but if you can't turn + burn then you're wasting money.


Over the last six years of doing vintage shows I have found that I can buy all I need for a show in just a few focused days before it begins.  I typically allow myself one full day to just shop for vintage - sales, shops, flea markets - whatever is in the neighborhood where I happen to be that day.  If I really dig and hustle I can find enough to make a space worthy of the event.  


Mind you - I do shop for vintage pretty much every day.  Most of my personal clothes are from thrift shops - and Cactus Creek has recently began selling Found Items which has gone over really well. And I'll pick up stuff for the shop and upcoming shows along the way.  But the bulk of my buying is typically done in a pretty short time frame.


For the February 2020 Urban Mining space I sourced this sofa + chair in place I had never visited.  I had gone there once in the morning, went back for the chair, and they had put out the sofa.  The truth is that I normally wouldn't have looked twice at this sofa.  But it called my name + once I got it into this space I was in love with the whole thing.  The giant wine racks behind the chair are primitive but add a great layer.  The green trunk was not what I had planned to use for a coffee table but it really brought the whole space together with the green leather chair {first pic}.


Looking forward to seeing how the weekend turns out and what new things I'll learn about shopping for this space - will post an update next week!!  Thanks for loving all things vintage as much as we do. And if you are in Kansas City MAKE IT TO URBAN MINING this weekend!!

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Urban MIning Kansas City First Fridays


Urban MIning Kansas City First Fridays


Urban MIning Kansas City First Fridays


Urban MIning Kansas City First Fridays


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