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OPEN Daily in Weston, Missouri 11-4 + Saturdays 10-6
OPEN Daily in Weston, Missouri 11-4 + Saturdays 10-6

STAFF: How to ring up a Chamber Gift Card

Ring up all items on the point of sale. 

When they hand you a chamber gift card CLICK HERE go to

On the computer :

-Click on Web Terminal Login button at the top and sign in 
Username: CactusCreek
Password: westonmocc

-Enter the 16 digit number, the amount of the sale, and then process the transaction

(If they don't know how much is on the card, you can put in the card number and run an inquiry)


On the POS ring up as a Chamber Gift Card for payment. If it only covers part of the payment, hit split payment first. Then ring up how much went on the chamber gift card, then process the rest as cash/credit/etc.

Please print out the receipt from the website and the POS and put in the calendar so we can keep track of being reimbursed by the chamber.