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Shop HERE for Father's Day!

White, gray, palamino + more neutral Cowhide Rugs from Cactus Creek in Weston MO

I'm currently OBSESSED with designer Marie Flanigan from Houston {photo ABOVE}.  Her spaces and uses of high quality materials blows me away.  I can't imagine having that kind of eye and I have been going through her entire portfolio this afternoon ooohing and aaaahing.  This photo is from the Oshie House.  Every detail is spectacular.  Be sure to look at the carpet on the stairs {LOVE} and the darling puppy in the mirror!!  I'm also coveting the cabinets in the kitchen of the Little John. Where do I find these??


Cactus Creek has carried cowhide rugs for over 20 years and we just recieved a collection of neutral colored cowhides - gray, white, palamino.  These are one of our biggest requests and they are often hard to find. We lucked out in August of 2021 and came across a large selection of some of the prettiest hides we have ever seen. The colors vary from gold to platinum to white, and all of the variations in between.


We love using cowhides as rugs because they are practically indestructible. Cowhides are also a great choice for upholstery, on a table top or as a prop for photography.


CLICK HERE for Cowhide Cleaning Videos


I posted a video of a few of them this morning.  Sorry the sound quality is horrrrrrrible.  I'll keep trying to perfect my FB Live skill set.  You'd think I'd have this figured out by now. Ha!!




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