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Where to eat in Weston MO

If you are planning a trip to Weston we have several suggestions of amazing restaurants you can visit, starting with us in The Cellar at Cactus Creek.  Our cozy cellar offers beer, wine and spirits, along with chips and salsa. If you need something a little heartier to eat then have pizza delivered to The Cellar from 640 Pizza & Pints . So come hang out in The Cellar (always cool, never crowded during the week) and have your pizza delivered while you enjoy a cold one and some cards. It really doesn’t get better than that. The Cellar is open when the shop is open - check out our hours and a map to the shop HERE.


If you're looking for outdoor dining options then you are in luck. We have FOUR awesome restaurants here in Weston with big patios and yards - Avalon Cafe, American Bowman and Green Dirt Farm.  Click on the photos below to visit their websites, see the menus and hours of operation.






Tin Kitchen is another favorite for everyone in Weston.  Located right on Main Street they have a delicious assortment of BBQ, burgers and salads.  Their french fries are exceptional and truly the best I've had anywhere in the world.  I highly recommend that you get an additional order of fries to go.  Put them in a ziploc bag overnight and the next morning cut them up for hash browns.  Your life will change, I promise.  BTW, you can also get Tin Kitchen to go and enjoy it in The Cellar here at Cactus Creek.


Weston Cafe Weston MO  

Looking for breakfast??  After a long evening at O'Malley's pub there is a gastric necessity for a big breakfast.  The Weston Cafe {right across the street from our shop, Cactus Creek} can hook you up. 


Noah's Cupboard Weston MO 

And don't forget Noah's Cupboard for an intimate dining experience you will not soon forget.  Truly divine food and drink pairings - this is a special nook that will make you feel like you are in another world.


 For more about Weston MO CLICK HERE

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