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Shop HERE for Father's Day!

Vintage Wood Trunks are still great Coffee Tables

Vintage wood trunks have stood the test of time in room design. While they are not quite as easy to find as they once were, we are still loving this classic option for a coffee table. Versatile storage, strong lines and sturdy design make any trunk a great option. If you are planning to use a trunk for storing blankets make sure to check the inside before you complete your purchase! There are some musty smells that cannot be eliminated and you don’t want to make your cozy blankets unbearably stinky. 

Here at Cactus Creek we love combining vintage pieces with new for a room design that cannot be duplicated by your neighbors! Vintage art, cowhide rugs and antique furniture pepper our shop - the longer you look the more you’ll find! The antique wood trunk above is our newest found piece. Perfect if you are inspired by the room looks below! Please text us with inquiries at 816-878-2278.
Vintage Wood Trunk
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