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Shop HERE for Father's Day!

Vintage Outfit of the Day - DENIM

Thrift Shop Outfit of the Day {OOTD}

Three things you should never buy new: Denim Jacket, Leather Jacket, Flannel Shirt. This denim jacket was purchased eons ago for about $8. I can’t begin to tell you it’s value to me as a staple in my wardrobe. And the flannel shirt was another treasure on a cold errand day when I needed an extra layer & grabbed this red plaid at a thrift shop. And leather jackets... none pictured here but they are easy to find for a tenth of the price. I had to include them in this list.

The leggings/skirt combo is from my shop - Cactus Creek - and the boots were a River Market Antique Mall during a 2018 Christmas shopping spree.

I have always loved thrifting and we have had vintage items in my shop for years - but not clothes.  I just hadn't dipped my toe into selling found + vintage clothes until Winter 2019.  



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