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Thursday Reading Club at Cactus Creek

For years I've wanted to start a Cactus Creek Book Club where we could gather as friends and talk about something new. But we don't always have time to read yet another book.... so Instead of a Book Club we are going to have a READING CLUB. Basically it’s an excuse to invite everyone over to the apartment to hang out & talk about what we’ve been reading - or watching or hearing. Just something new we’ve been introduced to recently. It can be fun or facts, there are no rules here.

Join us Thursday 11am. You can enter the apartment through the shop. Bring a lunch or coffee or whatever you want to nibble on. My plan is to hang out for a couple of hours so that people can come & go as their day allows. This is open to everyone so invite your friends please!

Reading Club Cactus Creek Weston mo
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