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* Open Memorial Day 11-4 *
* Open Memorial Day 11-4 *

This beer smells exactly like weed

Last weekend I had some friends over. One of my buddies was drinking this Dank Dust IPA from Elysian Brewery (Seattle) and said it smelled just like weed. Then we all passed the can around and smelled it (super spreader for sure) - I could only maybe smell it a little bit.
After my emotional break down on Facebook Live last night 😅 I decided to treat myself and pop open a can of Dank Dust for myself - and it totally smells like weed. Crazy! The taste is strong - like grapefruit and ancient herbs - and it kind of sits on your tongue. I’m a hop head, the heavier the better, and the more bitter I’m all in. So if you’re into that then definitely try this beer the next time your in The Cellar at Cactus Creek!
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