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OPEN Daily in Weston, Missouri 11-4 + Saturdays 10-6
OPEN Daily in Weston, Missouri 11-4 + Saturdays 10-6

Tamale Party on the Sidewalk benefiting Treasure Chest - June 2020

TAMALE PARTIES ARE BACK!! Cactus Creek has an opportunity to host a tamale party on the sidewalk next to our building in downtown Weston at the corner of Main + Market.  The city has approved it and we are excited to make it happen.  As always I have no idea how we will pull it off, but I'm excited for the chance!!


**** NOTE ***

Tamale dinners will ONLY be available in pre-packaged containers.

Each will come with 6 tamales {pork or chicken}, chips + green salsa.

The price is $25/container

Drinks will be available to purchase.

For more information text or call 816.878.2278


The profits of the tamales will go to Treasure Chest which provides assistance to families in our neighboring communities.  "Treasure Chest serves three inter-related purposes; a place for our community members to give and support our families in need, a place for PCR-3 families who are disadvantaged by their economic situations to get necessary items, and a place where volunteers can provide assistance in operating the center."

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