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Fancy's Favorites is all about Leopard Print - Sept 2022

There are some patterns that are timeless for girls like us. In no certain order these patterns include:

1. CAMO (my personal favorite - although now that I'm dating a professional  hunter I'm wearing less camo for some reason)

2. LEOPARD (this month's favorite)

3. BUFFALO PLAID (next month's favorite - SUBSCRIBE HERE).

 In September our Fancy's Favorites received a leopard themed package.  Each month the Favorites get to choose between a pair of leggings or a fun gift to have shipped, everyone loves a surprise package!  This month the choice was leopard leggings or a cowhide koozie.  ALL of the packages included a leopard print coin purse. We love surprise swag for our favorites!!

If you want to join the club there are more perks than just a gift each month - all members receive 20% OFF all purchases {including renting The Cellar} - plus an early chance at upcoming sales - all for $12.95/month.

The very best part of the Fancy's Favorites Club is that if you don't want your leggings or gift one month they are donated to a local charity for families who are struggling with financial insecurity.  That's where our heart really lies - with people who are looking for a hand up.  If a little gift of something simple is a happy surprise - everyone wins.

Leopard Leggings & Hoodie for Fall

Looking for something to wear with those leopard leggings? We LOVE them with this olive colored hoodie - I tried this on this morning and it is SO COZZY and soft!! Or just a graphic tee + classic denim jacket.

Leopard leggings with graphic tee and denim jacket

Cactus Creek's leggings are comfortable, available in both One Size {2-12} and Curvy {14-20} and they are thick enough that no one is going to see your rear end when you bend over.  They are great for working at home, going to yoga, or hanging out with friends for a game night.  

Join Fancy's Favorites Club at Cactus Creek


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