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OPEN Daily in Weston, Missouri 11-4 + Saturdays 10-6
OPEN Daily in Weston, Missouri 11-4 + Saturdays 10-6

Meet Mary {aka Miss Weston}

Meet Mary {aka Miss Weston} She came by the shop on a recent Sunday to pick up her 1st month of leggings as a member of Fancy’s Favorites Club. Mary is an OG Westonite - born & raised right here in Weston, MO.  When I say everyone in town loves Mary - that would be a huge understatement. She’s a rockstar, hilarious, smarty who loves to karaoke, read books and recently kicked cancer’s ass.
I just love this woman and I’m super happy that I’ll get to see her even more often now that she’s in the Fancy’s Favorites Club. You can join too! Just $10 per month and you get 20% OFF all Cactus Creek purchases + an exclusive pair of leggings that you can wear or donate to Treasure Chest which serves students in a local community.


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