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Shop HERE for Father's Day!
Shop HERE for Father's Day!

Look at these shelves I bought for $11.25!

Tonight I went to Dollar General to grab a couple of things - and it wasn’t to shop for shelves. But both of these were only $15 (on sale this week for $11.25). They will be great displays for the shop. DG has really raised their level - maybe not for your house but it’s a great option for staging or 2nd homes. This floral canvas is gorgeous and it’s only $15 👍🏻

When the Dollar General comes to small towns the citizens seem outraged. I don’t get this. As a human being I need toilet paper.  Living in a small town like Weston MO means that getting reasonably priced toilet paper requires me to drive to the city. If I’m in the city I might as well buy all of the other things I need - eggs, tape, makeup, picture frames, wine! (I don’t mind cheap wine, don’t judge me.)

But if there’s a Dollar General in town then I’m not leaving the zip code. I’m buying eggs and wine at the grocery store, tape at our local Sebus hardware store, and makeup & frames at Dollar General. All of the tax dollars are staying here and that’s a good thing. It’s an awesome thing.

On a different note I have made it a personal goal that I can replace my entire makeup bag at Dollar General. I know that’s a questionable goal at best! But I love the idea of knowing that if my luggage gets lost I can use a couple of $20s to replace it all. Again, don’t judge me.

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