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Layered Foyer of our 1910 Apartment

The foyer of our 1910 apartment is layers of things we love. Each element has a story - and combined the stories welcome us each day to create our cozy little home.
The grate propped on the wall came from a flea market down the road in Tracy, Missouri. It was right before industrial architecture became significant so I paid about $10 for it. Steal.
The mirror is one of my most prized items. I found it in the farm house where my mom grew up. Hand painted with the original mirror. I imagine it was my Great Grandmothers. Now she was a story... a homesteader, a single mom, a force to be reckoned with.

The Terra cotta cross was made my a college roommates mom. I’ve never seen another like it. 

The antique desert picture is framed with saguaro cactus. Purchased from the Bohaty’s - neighbors up on Main Street - at an antique show back when antiques weren’t called junk.

And the succulents that thrive under the skylight in this space. Sun. Light. Grow.
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