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* Open Memorial Day 11-4 *
* Open Memorial Day 11-4 *

Junkstock Vendor Fall 2019

Junkstock is a vintage extravaganza - part vintage show and part music festival. Thrown in a field of food trucks and watering holes and you know it’s gonna be a good time!!  The show was founded in 2012 and Cactus Creek became a vendor in 2014. It was our first outdoor show ever and the learning curve was steep. Since then Junkstock has moved to its forever home at Sycamore Farms in Waterloo, Nebraska - just a smidge west of Omaha.  And we have settled into a corner of The Stables leaving tent life behind us.


How’s to be a Vendor at Junkstock


Junkstock is known for a good time - but also it’s crazy ass weather. We’ve had snowstorms in April, floods, and wicked heat. But the people still come out and Cactus Creek always shows up every spring, summer & fall.  This falls show actually had beautiful weather during the day, heavy rainfall over night left for muddy parking - but nothing a tractor couldn’t handle.


How to be a vendor at junkstock


Thanks to all who came out and bought blankets and cowhides. Thanks to my neighbor who let me hang out with her two pound dog Otis. Thanks to my dear friend Patrick from Selina Vaughn Studios who has been a sounding post and friend for many years now.  I was glad I went but I’m super happy to be home for a while.


How to be a vendor at Junkstock

How to be a vendor at Junkstock

Patrick Vaughn and Fancy T. Smith at Junkstock


p.s. Check out this cowhide that found its forever home at Junkstock!




Cowhide Rug

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