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Make traveling easy with our cool summer dresses!
Make traveling easy with our cool summer dresses!

How to use Goat Hides as a Layer on Tables

This Cactus Creek goat hide is the perfect layering piece for a charming hallway. Our friend Terry picked this hide up in the shop a couple of weeks ago and it absolutely brings her tablescape to the next level.  Goat hides are incredibly durable and water proof making them ideal for styling a coffee table - and completely eliminating the need for coasters.
Our website has a big selection of goat hides for you to peruse. We take a picture of each hide and number them individually so the hide you order is the hide you get. As always, ALL things ship for $3 ALL of the time.
There are more design posts linked below that customers have sent to us, click to check them out - and send us your Cactus Creek design pics to be shared on our Facebook and Instagram - you can text them anytime to 818-878-2278.

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