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How to Mix Second Hand and New Clothes

My favorite way to see people make their own style statement is with a combination new boutique clothes mixed with found second hand clothing and accessories.  This sweater/boot/bag combo is a great example.


As with all style, whether in your home, or in your closet - your number one goal is to tick these four essentials:

#1  Collect things you LOVE

#2 Buy things with colors that speak to you

#3 Choose timeless pieces

#4 Will it give you a great memory??


  If you stick to these four essentials and build your style around them then you will have a unique vogue that is always one-of-a-kind to YOU.   Here is how I built this outfit....

Beanies are essentials in our shop from October through March.  We always have a large color range and a solid stock of beanies, messy hair beanies, headbands, gloves and MORE.

In early fall I bought this sweater for myself during a thrift shop shopping spree.  It was one of those mornings that I woke up and hated everything in my closet.  And, even though I own a clothing boutique, my first instinct is still to hit thrift shops.  I probably bought 18 pieces of clothing for about $60 that day.  Washed it all up and kept about half of it, we will sell the rest in the shop.  I thought this sweater was a sure thing but when I put it on the cut was just not quite right.  Then I realized it's a Petite Large.  Which we all know I'm not a petite. Ha!!  So, it's a great sweater for someone for $18.

These Short Boots also started off in my closet after a day of antiquing.  I remember being in a completely shitty heart broken kind of mood that day and a day antiquing was the only cure.  When I saw these boots I knew they were better than any comfort food I could possibly find.  That was a couple of years ago and they've been good to me - I adore the color and shape of them.  But I rotate a lot and it is time for these babies to comfort the next soles.  They are size 10.5 womens and we have them priced at $68. 

 More vintage boots are on our website right here.

 And then the cowhide tote bag.  It's brand new and completely dreamy.  We just started carrying these leather and cowhide bags this past summer when re-opened after the covid remodel.  They are great quality, great prices and this bag is for sure one of my favorites at just $98.

See the entire collection of bags right here.


 Shop our Vintage Wearables COLLECTION



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