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How do I take the curl out of my cowhide rug?

Cactus Creek has been selling cowhides since August of 2000 when we opened the shop in the barn behind our Kansas home. Even before then I was selling & using cowhides in my previous job at a design shop. So I have seen it ALL when it comes to cleaning, using & decorating with cowhide rugs. 

The number one question of all time is “How do I take the curl out of my cowhide rug?” You aren’t going to like my answer. 

You need to cut that curl off before it gets out of hand. The longer you put it off the worse it will get - you will trip over it or your guests will - and it takes away from the beauty of your rug. So just grab some sharp scissors & snip off that curl. Don’t cut it straight, make it a rounded cut so that it blends with the curves of the cowhide. I promise you no one is going to notice if one leg is shorter than the other. 
* There are other websites that are going to tell you to spray the curl with water and then flatten it with something heavy. And that might work for a hot minute. But I’m telling you that curl is going to come back. 

Then what after I cut the curl?

We have found that using these Never Curl rug corners from Amazon will prevent this from happening again. They are only $15 for a 4-pack so it’s a cost effective solution.

Never Curl Rug Corner

Why did the cowhide curl in the first place?

Cowhide rugs typically tanned in one of four places:
Brazil - highest quality & highest price
Argentina or Columbia - high quality & mid price 
Mexico - cheap & cheap
Cowhides are an item where you get what you pay for. If you buy a cowhide at a bargain then you might as well buy matching scissors. It’s literally the nature of the beast. 

Here at Cactus Creek we primarily sell Brazilian hides. Occasionally we will have Colombian hides because they are the best tri-colors with longer hair - they are soft and fun and we have had nothing but good luck with them. 


We photograph every single hide - so what you see is what you get. We also list our source country so you’ll know where the cowhide you are buying originated. 

We have several videos about cleaning cowhides - check them out HERE!

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