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Giant Vintage Pencils

Today, in an obscure storefront in downtown KC I found some beautiful art, these primitive pencils, and few more treasures to hide away until the fall shows.

An interesting man sold them to me. First he asked if I knew how to buy & sell. I assured him that I did.

He proceeded to try and sell me ball gowns & appetizer plates. I declined.

With that business settled he was compelled to share with me his tale of a recently lost love & dreams of the future. I have no idea how one thought led to the next but we ended up having a miniature therapy session, exchanged Venmo info, and with that I was gone.

SIDE NOTE: When he was trying to sell me things I was never going to buy I told him that I am jaded when it comes to buying & selling - I buy low & sell fast. I have learned that style works for me, I have no desire to store a treasure in hopes that one day I can make something off of it; if I can't turn it fast then it's not meant to be mine.

The odd man misunderstood me when I was said I was jaded and asked me if I still believed in LOVE. Of course I believe in love - I'm not that cynical. I've seen it on too many faces to think it's not a real thing. I am just not sure if I'll find it - that one, true, rare love; I've often thought that it's just not something I'm meant to have in this lifetime, maybe it's only for other people. But lately I'm starting to think I was wrong about that, and maybe the one, true, rare love I have believed was set aside for other people's fairy tales - maybe that's closer than I think.

Time will tell... in the meantime I can’t wait to see who ends up with the art & pencils after me; I love seeing how the tales of these bits and pieces are interwoven to create a new storyline.
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