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Shop HERE for Father's Day!
Shop HERE for Father's Day!

Get a Pair Give a Pair - How we are adding giving to our $10 VIP Club

On Giving Tuesday 2020 - December 1st - Cactus Creek is launching a new option to our $10 VIP Legging Club.  Currently we send out an exclusive pair of leggings each month to the members of the club for the super low price of $10/month.


We know that not everyone needs a new pair of leggings every single month.  While you can share them with your friends, or give them as gifts - on Giving Tuesday we are announcing that all $10 VIP Legging Club Members will now have the option to donate their leggings for the month to our partners at Treasure Chest who provide clothes, personal care items and bulk food to families in need.  These services include providing for about 45 kids, teens and families who are currently homeless. 

Learn more about Treasure Chest HERE.


We have a lot of other special things planned for our $10 VIPs coming up in 2021 so NOW IS THE TIME to join the club - or give it as a gift.  Just click HERE or call/text 816.878.2278 if that's easier!!

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