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DIY Pretzel Bar

Pretzel bars are the perfect party idea because they are super easy, clever, and can be pulled off with a small budget.  I saw the idea on Pinterest a few weeks ago and knew that we had to create our own as an event in our retail shop + event venue - The Cellar at Cactus Creek.

All you NEED... scroll down for how we checked each of these off of the list for our event.

1. Event

2. Display for the pretzels

3. Big soft pretzels

4. Dips for the pretzels



DIY Pretzel Bar Display


Your event can be anything - a wedding, shower, beer tasting, fall hayride, or just any random day of the week because pretzels are the bomb.  We paired our Pretzel Bar with a New Belgium Beer Tasting.  It was a huge hit.  Our awesome customers showed up early - we sold out of pretzels - and they are already asking us to do it again.  I'm planning another one for this fall with a Fall Beer Tasting.


New Belgium Beer Tasting


The display for the pretzels is the fun creative part. I have seen several racks built with plumbers pipe, shower hooks + baking string to make a pretzel display.   You can also go with dowel rods.  We tend to plan things with little time to spare so I had to throw something together on Friday afternoon a few hours before our event began - it was actually perfect though.  We have a lot of vintage items in our retail shop and this antique shelf had the perfect barn wood patina for a rustic backdrop.  We use the plumbers pipe for our clothing displays so we had several rods already put together.  Add a few screws and we were set.  We tied the pretzels onto the display with food-safe twine and ta da.


DIY Pretzel Bar Display

DIY Pretzel Bar Display


Big soft pretzels with the perfect amount of salt is really the key to the DIY Pretzel Bar.  For our event we ordered them from a local bakery and they were absolutely delicious.  You can also find pretzel options on you supermarket shelves. The SUPERPRETZEL is located in the freezer section of most grocers. They are inexpensive, yummy and easy to warm up.


Making your own big pretzels is another option.  We tried it at home - recipe is HERE - and they were fantastic.


DIY Pretzel Bar

Bring it all together with the dipping sauces and other accouterments.  Because we were hosting a public event in The Cellar we had to make sure the dips were going to stay fresh for a bit.  We chose:
Spicy Mustard
Laughing Cow Cheese Wedges {melted cheese would be perfect too}
Ranch Dressing {because Ranch can go on literally anything}
Blue Cheese Dressing
+ Honey for a sweet option

We also provided pretzel rods + pita chips to accompany the fresh pretzels.


DIY Pretzel BAr


DIY Pretzel BAr Dipping sauces


Our woven burlap was the final layer to a rustic tablescape.  It's available HERE and perfect for curtains, a runner on a dining table, or just snippets under a lamp, in a planter, or behind a picture.


Thanks to everyone who joined us for the New Belgium Beer Tasting + Pretzel Bar!!  Can't wait to do another one soon.  We would love for you to join us if you're in the area. Check out our EVENTS + stay connected to us via Facebook + Instagram.  x+ofancy


DIY Pretzel Bar

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