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Shop HERE for Father's Day!

CUSTOMER REVIEWS: Cowhide Rugs from Cactus Creek

Here at Cactus Creek we have been selling cowhide rugs for over 20 years.  We have individually numbered and photographed hundreds of cowhides - maybe thousands - and each one is special and unique in some way.  Whether it is the color, pattern, length of hair or maybe a few brands - they are the perfect way to add character to a room that needs a little something extra.
One of the first questions we get asked is always how do you take care of them?  If you take a pail of water and throw it on a cow the water will roll off.  The same goes for anything you spill on a cowhide - milk, wine, orange juice - it all just puddles up and you wipe it away.  If it's something sticky you can spray it with 409 or a little dawn dish soap and clean it up in short order.
We are so confident about the ease of cleaning these cowhides we have several videos of us spilling things on them {red wine and eggnog!} and showing how we cleaned up the messes.  Check them out RIGHT HERE.
Cary and I made this video at the tail end of our Annual Cowhide Sale in January 2022 - it shows a quick peek at the way the cowhides vary.
"I bought one of your stunning cowhides at Junk Bonanza in Shakopee several years ago.  One of my favorite purchases! It is a stunning pice, and so durable. Still looks like I bought it yesterday." - Jenna

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