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OPEN Daily in Weston, Missouri 11-4 + Saturdays 10-6
OPEN Daily in Weston, Missouri 11-4 + Saturdays 10-6

Cowhide Baby Photoshoot

Nothing is more sweet than a happy baby on a gorgeous cowhide rug.
At Junkstock Spring 22 a darling couple found the perfect Cactus Creek cowhide for their new home. It looks AMAZING under the dining table but this baby pic has to be one of my favorites EVER.
Cowhide Under Dining Table
People often ask us if cowhides are really good rugs with kids in the house and the answer is YES!  They also wonder if cowhides will work in a dining room - again the answer is YES!  They are the best rugs if you have kids in the house because they are so incredibly easy to clean.  Anything that spills on them just puddles up and you wipe it away - it it's sticky or just particularly gross then you can use 409 or Windex to clean them up.  Click HERE for our Cowhide Cleaning GUIDE.
In our weekend wrap up today we talked all about Junkstock - had a creeper - and discussed what's new for Fancy's Favorites.  Check out the video below for an update.

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