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Bigfoot Search this Saturday April 27! Click for INFO

Closed due to Covid - March 2020

Today is Monday, March 16th, 2020.  
Let me start by saying that Cactus Creek's retail shop on Main Street will be closed through this Thursday, March 19th, based on my uncertainty of what is really going on with this Covid 19 Virus situation.  I could ramble for several paragraphs about things I've heard - things I think - blah blah blah.  But yall have enough information being thrown at you so let's not do that here.
so YES the shop is closed for a minute but I am personally still here all day every day.  If you want to swing by the shop and know what you want - I'll run it out for you.  I will continue to ship online orders daily from a clean + safe environment.  I will continue to receive new inventory and post it online.  Cary is helping me with this from her home.  
I could tell yall I'm not worried at all but I kind of am - this biz is 100% how I support my boys and we already operate on a thin {veerryyy thin sometime} budget.  But I also know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God has us.  There is a plan.  And we have a community and friends and family that show up.  We are going to be ok and so are you.  I am praying for so many blessings for each of you, for us all to be changed forever in a positive way because this whole thing really will change how we see the world.
LOTS of online content and videos and more headed your way from Cactus Creek cause what else does a girl have to do???? 
love you all, fancy {shop boss + owner, Cactus Creek}
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