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"Catch the Glow" in Weston MO

Winter can be dreary in Missouri but tonight at Happy Hour the sun peeked in on Weston MO.  When we moved to Weston in 2002 the catchphrase for the town was “Catch the Glow”.  It was old school circa the beginnings of promoting Weston as a tourist destination. A resident wrote a lovely poem with said title and it had stuck.  I think it’s time to bring it back. 
Catch the Weston glow.
For the glow is ev’rywhere
And when you have caught it
You have something you can share
Share the hist’ry of the town
Share the events that prove her worth
Share her struggles as she grew 
Share the reasons for her birth
Share her efforts to reclaim
Home and buildings from the years
Share the months of restoration
Share the sweat and share the tears
Catch the glow and keep glowing
We have much to build upon
Look around and you’ll see
That the glow is “Catching on!”
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