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* Open Memorial Day 11-4 *
* Open Memorial Day 11-4 *

Black Friday 2021

Hey hey hey!! Here we are again at the magical beginning of the holiday season. This year at Cactus Creek we have several great deals for y’all beginning on Black Friday. Whether you are in the shop or shopping online this is our infamous “Favorite Finds SALE”.  Find your favorite item and get 20% OFF with code BF21. The code will work for the entire 24 hours beginning on Friday Nov 26, 2021 at 12:01am.  It’s absolutely that easy. From cowhides to keychains - pick your favorite and for one day only get it at 20% OFF. Questions?? As always you can text us anytime at 816.878.2278 for the quickest response!


Do you want to know a behind the scenes secret about our little shop?  I write this for those of you who have your own small businesses and feel stuck - you’re not alone. And also for our favorites who have kept us going and walked with us through the hard times, even when you didn’t know you were holding our hands and lifting us up.


Things haven’t always been so easy here at Cactus Creek. While COVID was devastating for so many people it actually gave us a chance to take a deep breath and re-group.  We re-modeled the shop, streamlined some systems, and reallocated our budget. At the time our business was 20 years old and about to turn 21. That magical age when you want to be a grown up but can’t figure out exactly who you want to be. That’s where we were and things had been painful for more than a hot minute.


It was in times of desperate measures that the “Favorite Finds SALE” came to exist. On days that we were scrambling to make ends meat we would have these spontaneous sales and it was always just enough to get us through the week. This is the not-so-pretty side of small business. The days you don’t talk about on Facebook or Instagram. But they are very real times for every small biz I know.  And YOU always showed up and got us through it and for that we are endlessly grateful. Truly, I am moved to tears on a regular basis at the way our customers have shown up for us and for a God who has RE-aligned us for the beautiful and brighter days that 2021 brought through our doors.


With that thank you I also want to ask you to continue to support your small businesses - both local and online.  Many are still just getting by, whether because of finances, supply chain issues or the inability to stay properly staffed. Use this Black Friday in particular to show grace & gratitude for the shops, restaurants, artists and suppliers that have had a hell of a couple of years. Every bit of it matters and makes a difference. With that shop on, be safe + have a perfect holiday weekend. 

With much gratitude,




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