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* Open Memorial Day 11-4 *
* Open Memorial Day 11-4 *


We have found J.W. Cox’s signature on the back of several pieces of the baseboards during this apartment remodel. On this one it says “Doppler Job”. This building was originally built in 1910 by the Doppler family. They lived here and operated the Doppler Mercantile downstairs.

Apartment at Cactus Creek Remodel
After posting this on Facebook one of our Weston residents gave me this information which is such a treasure. Thank you Chuck McCardie!!

"Probably James William Cox, who was a lumber dealer in Weston around the turn of the century. J.W. and Elizabeth (Lizzie) Noble had two daughters, who were married during a double ceremony at Weston in 1906. Neither of daughters remained in the area after marriage. JW was a lumber dealer during the time tobacco was making a comeback in Weston. Dozens of tobacco barns were built in the early 1900's so it was a good time to be in the lumber business. I find he was an officer in the Weston Lodge 53 A.F. & A.M., serving both as treasurer and marshall. Article from 1905 reads like a Who's Who for Weston. He had also been the V.P. of the Railey & Bros. Bank of Weston for 10 years when he passed in 1916. He passed at the age of 56 after a short illness, believed to be blood poison caused by shaving. Lizzie Cox would pass in 1936. They are buried at Laurel Hill Cemetery in Weston."

Weston MO history
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