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Bigfoot Search this Saturday April 27! Click for INFO

1910 Bathroom Remodel: Toilets, Tile & Switches

Bathroom update : there are quite a few random pics to share so I’ve commented below each and included links as well.

1910 Small Bathroom Remodel Toilet

 I bought a toilet that can swallow a bucket of golf balls. Seemed appropriate for having three teenage boys. I never realized the options in choosing a toilet, heavens! This one is from Home Depot.

 When Jon took out the old toilet he found that the new one wouldn't fit - who knows when the old one was even installed? So he had to completely move and re-do all of the plumbing. That was a surprise in terms of the time it took - but surprises are what we expected.

The toilet hasn't actually been installed yet so if you see me going to the Weston public toilet stall then yes, that's me - it's really nice by the way.

1910 Bathroom Remodel Lightswitch

 I found this online for a light switch cover right HERE and I think it's freaking awesome, but everyone I've shown it to say it's too industrial {it also stupidly expensive for a light switch cover}. I will wait a minute before ordering it to see how everything else comes together. 

1910 Bathroom Remodel

 This wood looking tile is for the bench in the shower {pic is later}. I couldn't decide what to do here and changed my mind a dozen times. Once I decided on the wood I couldn't decide which shade of wood tile - you can see all of the options HERE. It was fairly ridiculous the way I hemmed and hawed, but this one turned out perfect. 

1910 Bathroom Remodel

 The shower bench seat and inset - still without grout but the shades of tile are a great match!

1910 Small Bathroom Remodel

 I can't believe this is our shower wall!

1910 Small Bathroom Remodel

 Work in progress...

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