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Shop HERE for Father's Day!

Giant Front Porch Urns at Cactus Creek

Some projects take longer than others. Pulling these giant urns together for the shop’s front stoop took close to a year. But now that it’s done I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out.

I originally found the metal urns at one of my favorite thrift shops - Savers in Kansas City back in February of this year {pic below via Feb 2021}.  I think I paid $20 for both. I can’t remember for sure but I do remember thinking it was a hell of a deal. 

My biggest concern about them flanking the front doors of the shop is that they could blow over. If you’ve ever been on Main Street in Weston on a windy day then you know it can feel like a wind tunnel at times. To mitigate the risk I filled the bottom of the urns with several pounds of shiny black aquarium rocks that I found on Amazon.  

Pinecones in an Urn

The next layer was green moss, also found on Amazon. I am the most concerned about that moss deteriorating over time. It’s a wait and see situation. The urns are generally covered from rain so that will help keep them preserved.

Urns at Cactus Creek

I found the pinecones and sticks foraging around on my hikes, some in a friends yard and even a couple of Aspen twigs we brought home from our fall trip to Wyoming. I nearly bought the twigs but I just couldn’t justify buying sticks so it was a hunt and gather situation.  

Urns at Cactus Creek

The final layer was more moss tucked into the sticks like a birds nest. The dried protea is a tropical pod I bought from Hobby Lobby. According to their website protea are particularly suited to convey your love, sympathy, joy, and best wishes to those close to you. Now I love them even more. They are a little blessing on everyone who comes into the shop. 

Urns at Cactus Creek

The wild asparagus bush is also from Hobby Lobby. I was a little meh about using so many organic materials and then topping it off with plastic bushes. But it is what it is - they are living outdoors and need to survive. And I’m completely happy with the final result. Now we will wait and see how they stand the test of time.

Urns at Cactus Creek WEston Mo


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