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Shop HERE for Father's Day!
Shop HERE for Father's Day!

Cactus Creek's Holiday Shop Tour 2021

Welcome to Cactus Creek's Holiday 2021 Shop Tour.  I was hell bent on hanging those 12 pine cones before I made this shop tour.  You know how it is - you have a vision and until it's at least close to complete you just can't call it done. oy, the price of creativity. ha.  Video tour is below with pics and links to follow.  I talk fast so if you have any questions about anything then as always, text with questions 816-878-2278.  Hope your 2021 holiday season is the best ever!!  xofancy / cc founder


 We have recently come into a GIANT SOURCE of antlers.  The real story behind the antlers - I met a boy who loves to hunt.  He basically hunts for a living and he had this giant pile of antlers that he offered a lady to sell for dirt cheap.  I told him that he was crazy and we needed to put them in the shop.  He thought I was nuts and that no one would buy those antlers.  I was so right and he was so wrong.  We have some left and we have piled them up in the shop.  I assure you there are many more where those came from.

 Antlers for Sale

When I ordered these candles Cary about fell off her chair!!  They are nothing like we have carried before in the shop - very random and tongue in cheek.  I don't think they ever even made it to the website.  There was also a Patrick Mahomes candle, Johnny Cash and Dolly Parton candle.  I'm pretty sure they are sold out but we are REALLY GOOD at special orders if you have to have one - just let us know!

 Betty White Candle

Tea Towels are a great gift for absolutely anyone.  Stocking stuffers, hostess gifts, teacher gifts - even a house warming gift for your favorite bachelor.  We have a bunch to choose from RIGHT HERE.

 Christmas Dish Towel

I found these vintage ice skates at a sale and thought they would be a great holiday addition.  I think they are a men's size 12 {I could be wrong}.  Mostly I thought they would be a fun thing for someone to add to their sleigh on the front porch.  Text to purchase!! 816-878-2278

 Ice Skates Holiday Decorations

Another new item for the holiday season has been these felt ornaments {the LOVE ORNAMENT is featured here}.  The ornaments include buffalo, quail, Hank Williams and Willie Nelson.  They are fun and a little silly but definitely one of a kind!

 Luggage Tag

Looking for a good stocking stuffer??  Luggage tags are a gift for your traveler that will be used for years to come.  We have several options and they are a great hight-quality tag that will look great and make it through the luggage machine.  These haven't made it to the website yet so text to buy!! 816-878-2278


Cactus Creek has a great selection of Weston MO stickers and magnets. You know the kids today…. Stickers on their laptops, water flasks, coolers etc and etc!

 Weston Pillow

Weston pillows made by a local friend who is killing it at providing us unique options every week.  As a girl who loves to travel I always want something to go home with from every trip.  Pillows are a great way to collect where you had the BEST WEEKEND EVER!!  They are all one of a kind and exclusive to the shop so if you want one then just text us at 816-878-2278

Lots of fun stuff.  I've gone over how to get a hold of us so you know - text to buy.  Have a beautiful season friends.  Thank you for supporting us.  

There are not enough thank yous.

 xofancy / cc founder 


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