Brown + Black Cowhide #1984

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Rich brown and black hide with a bit of white on the edges, tanned in Brazil.  This guy has a couple of scars pictured.  The hide you see is the hide you get. Approx 6'6 x 6'6.

Click HERE for TONS of IDEAS on how to use a cowhide rug in your home and click HERE for our video on How to CLEAN a COWHIDE Rug!!

We love to see these hides underfoot in a living room, study or bedroom. They are so soft and smooth to walk on with your bare feet. They fit in every style of home ~ rustic lodge, shabby chic, bohemian, traditional, and industrial.

They are very easy to take care of ~ Cactus Creek has been selling Cowhides for over 15 years and we've had everything you can imagine happen to them ~ dog’s piddle, kitty’s hair ball, kid’s milk and mama’s red wine. Take a damp rag & wipe up any little thing… good as new!! Otherwise just vacuum them like you would any other rug, or take them out every now and then for a good shake. No, they won’t shed.  For a video on how to take care of them click HERE.

The hide may crease during shipping, these creases will fall out over time ~ the more you use it the quicker you will see the creases fall out ~ maybe a month at the most and it will lay smooth on the floor.

We are often asked about a rug pad underneath the hide to prevent the hide from slipping on the floor.  We have them in our homes on carpet, wood floors and tile.  I have never had one be slippery on the floor.  That said, we do have a suggestion to make sure it doesn't happen.  When you receive your Cactus Creek Cowhide turn it upside down and get a hot glue gun.  On the edges of the hide put stripes and dots of hot glue.  WAIT for the glue to dry completely - at least 24 hours - then flip the hide back over and you'll have a slip-guard on the hide that will work for the life of the cowhide!! p.s. we got that tip from Martha Stewart, didn't make it up ourselves


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