Cowboy Trader - the guy and the Road Trip

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I have a great friend whom I call my "saddle guy". He collects and sells antique saddles, spurs and any other fabulous cowboy thing you have ever imagined. He is just a guy with a phone number and a basement full of AMAZING things. He has no website for me to link you to - or even an email address!! Sooo, let me know if you are looking for an antique saddle (these are the real deal, folks - many of his saddles, spurs and chaps are museum-quality!!) and I can hook you up. 9.13.7_CTD_1.jpg  I tell you about my "saddle guy" because when I met him this week (I was picking up a vintage spur stand and some spurs for a client) he told me about an event happening this weekend - The Cowboy Trade Day in Catoosa, Oklahoma. 9.13.7_CTD_2.jpg  On the third Saturday of September every year there is an event that looks to be well worth the road trip. Called The Cowboy Trade Day, it is an a good old fashioned Swap Meet that features "ranch cowboy trappings, antique spurs, old west guns, cowboy crafts, western decor, Navajo silver jewelry and a whole lot more. Cowboy music too! Catoosa, Oklahoma looks to be the place to be on the 3rd Saturday of September for the biggest annual all-cowboy stuff & western stuff swap meet in the country." Too late for me this year but let me know how it goes (and say hello to my "saddle guy"). 9.13.7_CTD_3.jpg  9.13.7_CTD_4.jpg

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